How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer?

How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer?
Finding an immigration lawyer is not always an easy task. You have to hire the right one to make sure that your case moves in the right direction. In fact, if you choose the wrong attorney, the damage to your case could be irreversible.


If you're looking for an immigration lawyer (or any professional for that matter), the best place to start is always your own circle. Ask your friends, relatives, and coworkers if they know any good prospects in your area. You can also ask about any lawyers who may have given them a bad experience before. At least, you get a heads up. There's nothing better than hearing it straight from people who have actually worked with a lawyer you may be considering. All of your questions will be answered at immigration attorneys homepage.

Online Research

If you couldn't get any personal recommendations, you can always research online. Look for lawyer associations in your area as they can give you some very good leads. Since you're looking for an immigration lawyer, make sure you focus on prospects who specialize in this branch of law. Don't consider someone who has spent most of his or her career handling DUIs or adoptions. Witness the best info that you will get about immigration attorneys in Tampa Florida.


Once you have a list of prospects, set an appointment with each of them. The initial consultation is usually free, but some lawyers do charge for it so make sure you call before you come. During your meeting, ask all the questions you may have in mind related to their practice. Very importantly, ask for a list of client references. This meeting is also a great time to see whether you and the lawyer have some chemistry going. Yes, it's important. Nobody likes to work with those they aren't comfortable with.


As you may have heard, different lawyers charge clients in different ways. Some will collect an hourly fee while others will define a flat rate for the entire case. While you should never choose a lawyer based on cost alone, you should clear this issue right from the get-go to avoid problems later on. After all, we can only hire a lawyer we can afford. Seek more info about lawyer at

Professional Standing

Finally, take time to check with your state bar about your prospective lawyer's standing. Of course, there will always be stories or justifications behind each lawyer who has been subjected to disciplinary action, but just to be sure, go with someone with a clean slate.
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